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Manifest Vibration Mist
Manifest Vibration Mist
Manifest Vibration Mist

Manifest Vibration Mist

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Due to sandalwood being highly coveted and over harvested, Manifest is a seasonal product and made in micro batches.

Sandalwood is one of the most sacred trees in the world, having numerous spiritual and magical properties and has been used since ancient times for prayer, meditation, relaxation, healing, protection, cleansing and for accessing
higher states of consciousness, all of which are necessary when manifesting our desires.
Monatomic gold can help synchronize brain hemispheres, increasing ones intuition, and raise our “Chi” or vibrational energy, encouraging bodily and emotional healing and assisting in bringing forth our intentions.
Quartz crystal has been used since antiquity to amplify our magic, dreams, intentions, protection and healing.
Infused, this powerful potion can help bring forth our intentions, increasing the magical manifesting powers that we already hold within us while also soothing our nervous system, and hold the space for our own abilities to take place.

To use, shake gently to disperse the oils. Spritz in the air to lift spirits and bring in all you desire, peace, wealth, health. Focus and see it already present! Also use as a
refreshing mist on the face, body and hair, and on pillows and bedding to create a your desired environment and sweet dreams.

Ingredients: Sandalwood hydrosol, Rose hydrosol, Monatomic Gold template water, Hawaiian sea salt (trace amount), Quartz crystal, Essential oils (trace amounts) Jasmine grandiflorum absolute, Frankincense, Vetiver