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Our Packaging

Please note that we now offer refills for many of our goods at the Apothecary!! Just bring in your CLEAN bottle or jar and we'll refill + re-label it for you. Feel free to contact us beforehand to assure we have what you need in stock!

We are happy to offer options when it comes to our packaging, which is just as important to us as our highly effective ingredients! We all know that our planet is inundated with post consumed waste, being plastic or even non-recycled glass or metals. Not only are our Omnidegradable pouches much lighter, which can save on shipping costs, but they will start to decompose once microbes from soil and/or water come into contact. This means you won't find our packaging floating out to sea or on your nature walk! 

Once you receive your products in our pouches, you can put them in whatever container you choose, though we recommend using a clean glass jar. Our 1 oz. and 2 oz. bottles with droppers can be reordered with metal caps so you can keep reusing the dropper, then recycle it when you choose, and all of our packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable. We offer a discount for our packaging options as an incentive, hoping to gently inspire people to pay attention to what we consume, where it goes after, and what effect it has on our planet.

As better options, such as HEMP (fingers crossed!!) become available, we will happily shift our products into the most sustainable + healthy packaging we can find. We feel that as a conscious company we have an obligation to be transparent and to provide sustainable products in packaging we can all feel good about...especially our Home!