Shelf Life

By reading the ingredients in our products, you will see that we don't add any artificial preservatives whatsoever, using only natural, organic or wildcrafted botanicals, pure non nano minerals, and essential oils. This means that the shelf life on our goods is not indefinite and we recommend enjoying our products within one year after purchase, storing them in optimum, cool conditions, & kept clean and air tight. The Chi, however will be the highest the younger the potion is. You may notice after some time that the consistency has slightly changed and this is a natural phenomenon due to the ingredients being alive and recrystallizing. Products that contain beeswax, for example, which keeps its cellular memory structure unless overheated, may start to recrystalize and form little beads on the surface that are easily massaged into the skin. This occurs because we don't add any fillers nor do we overheat our products, keeping the Chi and potency as high as possible!

We also only include ingredients that have a longer shelf life on their own, by using clever combinations, so the active ingredients remain. We harvest and make all of our products in small batches so we've a constant fresh supply of goodness flowing through our apothecary!