Citrine Vibration Mist

Citrine Vibration Mist

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Citrine energizes every level of life, cleansing our chakras and opening the channels for heightened intuition. Emotionally balancing, Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and succes, imparting joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. It assists in raising our self-esteem and self-confidence while stimulating the brain, strengthening the intellect.

Bergamot works to stimulate skin's cell renewal while redistributing skin pigmentation for an even + toned complexion. Having naturally powerful antibacterial properties makes bergamot an effective treatment for acne + helping to balance the skin's natural sebum. We use a non-photosenstive oil blend as a deliciously scented benefit without causing the sun sensitivity that most citrus oils cause. 

Monatomic Gold has been used since ancient times to raise ones vibration, synchronize brain hemispheres, and increasing ones intuitions, joy, health, and abundance while encouraging a healthy "Flow" to our entire system. 

Blended with the highest in vibration + vitamin packed rose hydrosol, a touch of lemongrass for an instant lift, and a deliciously scented vanilla bean extract, this mist is yet another must have in your Bee Chi collection!

To use, shake gently to disperse oils. Spray anytime, anywhere you need a lift or to help clear emotional stress. Use on face for a beautiful boost, body and hair for a scentual delight, or lightly mist pillows and bedding to create a Peace filled environment for rest and dreaming sweetly. Note that there is an active crystal in your bottle. Please remove before recycling to add to your collection, or put outside in the garden, a flower pot, or wherever inspired.

Ingredients ~ Rose hydrosol, Lemongrass hydrosol, Monatomic gold, Bergamot (non photosensitive extract), Vanilla extract, Copal, Hawaiian sea salt (trace amount), Citrine crystals