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Flowers Vibration Mist
Flowers Vibration Mist
Flowers Vibration Mist
Flowers Vibration Mist

Flowers Vibration Mist

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Note that Flowers Vibration Mist is a seasonal product, depending on availability of ingredients.

We couldn't get enough Flowers into our skin plumping facial serum so we created this heavenly scented, skin softening mist to accompany her. All of the flowers we use are the good ones, either wildcrafted or certified organically grown and are the highest in measurable vibration/Qi, heightened further with trace amounts of essential oils & a rose quartz crystal.

A Few Key Ingredients ~

Rose - (Hydrosol and absolute essential oil) Rose oil and the water extract formed contain Vitamin A, B, E, C, & K, and have high levels of potassium and iron which are important minerals for keeping skin healthy. Highly rejuvenating, rose hydrates dry skin, clears acne, may help to reduce signs of aging, minimizes the appearance of scars, and help with conditions such as eczema and rosacea. It also has the highest Chi of all the known + measured florals, helping to balance moods, lift spirits, and raise libido. 

Lavender - Highly regarded as a healing herb and has been used to treat countless ailments including emotional stress, skin issues, hair loss, and insomnia. It has a high vibration, second only to Rose of all the known florals.

Neroli - Not only known for her gorgeous scent but neroli is recognized as a cytophylactic, meaning it has properties known to promote cell regeneration and improve skin's elasticity. This is perfect for acne-prone, irritated, oily, sensitive, and mature skin types. In clinical studies, neroli has even shown to help reduce the damage of stretch marks, sun damage, stress, and scarring after regular use.

Monatomic gold - Has been used for millennia in spiritual practices in the healing + magical arts. Highly regarded to help synchronize brain hemispheres, increasing ones intuition and raise our Qi (vibrational energy),encouraging emotional + bodily shifts to occur for self healing.

Rose quartz - Assists in repelling negativity and protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes. It encourages self forgiveness and acceptance, invoking self trust and self worth. Rose Quartz strengthens and balances the physical heart and circulatory system, and releases impurities from body + spirit.

To use, shake gently to disperse the oils. Spritz in the air to lift spirits & bring in Peace + Harmony. Use as a refreshing mist on the face for moisture + balance, hair, body, wherever, whenever. We like a little spritz on our pillows to create a restful environment and dreaming sweetly.
Ingredients ~ Floral waters of Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, *Hibiscus petals,
Monatomic gold templated water, Rose quartz crystal, **Essential oils (in trace amounts) Rose absolute, Jasmine absolute, Ylang ylang, Immortelle, *Lavender, *Patchouli, *Frankincense, Ho wood

*Organic Ingredient

Please Note ~ The color of this product may vary in shades, depending on the floral waters from batch to batch, and will naturally fade over time while holding it's amazing scent.

**The essential oils are used sparingly, blended with sensitive skin in mind. We recommend using our floral waters within 6 mos. or less for the highest Chi possible & best results!